Mentoring is a brain to pick, an ear to listen and a push in the right direction.
John Crosby

Why mentoring?

  Your passion, entrepreneurial drive and hard work have enabled you to build your company and bring it to its current position. In taking your business to the next level of success, you may feel the need for someone who can give you professional advice on tackling the key issues and challenges faced by your company in its growth phase. Sometimes you may be too close to the situation to see and evaluate all the alternatives properly, and you may want to have someone who can provide you with an independent, outside perspective unencumbered by any hidden agendas.

How a mentor can help

  This is where a mentor can help. A mentor with the requisite professional expertise and experience can act as a sounding board for all your key decisions, guiding you step by step in the transitions your company needs to make in order to scale up and unlock its growth potential. A mentor can become a virtual member of the team and help you to extend your managerial bandwidth in a cost effective manner.

Aqumena and mentoring

  Aqumena is a group of IIT/IIM professionals combining 90 years of experience across diverse sectors, with expertise in all facets of Marketing and Sales. At the risk of sounding immodest, we have “been there, done that”, and therefore we can provide mentoring over a wide range of business situations. With our vast experience in large, professionally managed organisations, we can share with you best practices which can be adapted for your company’s needs and provide external benchmarks against which your company’s progress can be measured. At the same time, having consulted with SMEs(and some of us having been long-standing entrepreneurs in our own right), we can appreciate the resource constraints faced by Entrepreneur-CEOs, and the challenges involved in taking ventures to the next level.

Specifics areas of advice

  Apart from help on strategic as well as tactical aspects of Marketing and Sales, we can also provide practical advice in other areas such as organisational development, defining roles and responsibilities, setting performance metrics, and putting in place systems and processes necessary to support your growth plans.

The mentoring process

The mentoring process would kick off with one-on-one sessions for understanding your company’s business model and clarifying the vision/objectives/strategy (if required, a formal audit of your company’s Marketing and Sales operations, to get an outside-in view and identify areas of improvement, can be done as a separate exercise). This would be followed by observation/360 degree information seeking with other people in your company to gain a better understanding of the organisational issues and constraints. Thereafter, the broad process of interaction would have the following elements:

  • Continuing one-on-one sessions with you
  • Participation in regular reviews with your team to track implementation progress and monitor Key Performance Indicators
  • If necessary, get involved in interviewing key people to be hired
  • We would be available on call (phone, email) for consulting on key decisions
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