“The right passage to India… companies attracted to the country’s potential must do more than merely transplant products and systems that have succeeded elsewhere.”
- McKinsey Quarterly

  If entering the Indian market and exploiting the huge potential it offers is high on your company’s growth agenda, then you could benefit from practical advice on your India market entry strategy, from Marketing and Sales veterans who have cut their teeth in the Indian market

  One of the fastest growing economies in the world, with a burgeoning, increasingly prosperous middle class, India is a beacon for companies which are keen to expand their business geographically. But detailed market knowledge and meticulous planning is required to develop a good entry strategy for India. The experience of many multinationals has shown that entry strategies that have worked elsewhere have been less successful in India.

  There are the complexities of the Indian market to navigate – the layered market structure, the multi-dimensional consumer segments and the fragmented trade channels. Given the heterogeneity of the Indian market and the logistical challenges, various modes of geographical coverage need to be evaluated –whether to address the 6 metros, or the 35one-million-plus cities or all urban areas. There are important considerations in terms of structuring your presence in India – fully owned subsidiary vs. joint venture, technology transfer, franchising etc. Your marketing mix and indeed your entire business model will need to be significantly tailored to Indian market conditions.

  All these decisions require not only detailed local market knowledge but also experience-based understanding of what strategies and tactics work in the Indian market.

  Broadly, the areas in which we can work with you as part of your India market entry strategy are:
  • Casing the Indian market for your products – mapping the competitive structure, building actionable consumer and trade insights, and validating the business potential
  • Identifying the most attractive consumer segments and market geographies to target
  • Developing an appropriate go-to-market strategy– how to reach your target consumers in the most cost effective way
  • Designing the supply chain and organization structure best suited to your short term and long term business objectives
  • Scouting for and identifying the right business partners (contract manufacturers, franchisees, distributors)
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