We founded Aqumena on a simple premise – that a marketing services firm should accept responsibility for its client’s business results.That it should act as an extension of the client’s team and not as a consultant.

Think of us as an outsourced marketing department for your company, offering a selection of all the functions that you would need from an in-house department – including marketing, sales and distribution, brand management, market research, data analytics, advertising and media planning, shopper marketing and customer relationship management. Think of selecting only those functions that suit your current business needs.

We are equipped to take on assignments that span not only acquiring insight and formulating strategy but also follow through into actually executing marketing and sales programmes out there in the marketplace.

Our approach is modular.

Call on us to manage your market research or add on brand and marketing strategy assignments. If you have not invested in a full-fledged marketing department, you could call on us to manage the entire marketing function.

Or call on us to supervise your sales and distribution. Maybe go all the way and be your marketing agency.

We are willing to discuss compensation structures where a significant proportion accrues only after mutually agreed-upon milestones are reached –milestones that reflect the success of your product or service in the marketplace.