Embedded Advisory Services

Whether it’s marketing strategy, brand management, creating the brand eco-system, content marketing, media planning, shopper marketing, customer journey management, market research or data analytics, Aqumena’s team brings several decades of senior-level marketing experience to the table.

We could help you deep dive into market intelligence that you own or help you generate the intelligence through primary and secondary research. We could then help you create and flesh out a marketing plan using consumer and market insights. The third plank of Aqumena’s involvement could be to guide your teams in executing the marketing plan.

Strategic Marketing Intelligence

We look at market research and its interpretation as a decision support system. Aqumena’s approach to research design begins with an evaluation of sources of market intelligence available to you and identification of information areas that need market research.

Only then do we progress to the stage of formulating specific project briefs and then into execution. Viewed in that light, research becomes a strategic marketing function rather than an ancillary service.

Scalable Projects

Aqumena is tapping marketing technology to create opportunities for disrupting industries and release scalable values. Ad tech, data analytics and community platforms are combining to support new ways of building and sustaining relationships with customers, business partners and employees.

They provide new avenues for creative expression and co-creating brand narratives. The nature of brand building is undergoing revolutionary shifts that we are gearing up to exploit.